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Happy Fathers Day To All You Dads Out There
Hitman822: Hi everyone. "Ghost" driver here.....lol. Had a breather and thought to stop in for a few. Aug 10, 2014 23:42:59 GMT -5
Hitman822: Looks quiet in here, but I see a few of you still here. Aug 10, 2014 23:43:07 GMT -5
Hitman822: Well either or, I wanted to stop by and say whats up again and to drop off a few pics of runs here and there with rig. Aug 10, 2014 23:43:59 GMT -5
Hitman822: Have to say, I am learning a shit load of new things. Since I am using the Maya program, amongst others, I have a few projects up my sleeve that I want to add in game (mods), but we'll see. Aug 10, 2014 23:45:03 GMT -5
Hitman822: Me being in an accelerated program for Computer Animation, I hardly have much time to do alot, but when I do, I get on here and there. So either way, just dropping in to say hi to all. Miss you all! Aug 10, 2014 23:46:07 GMT -5
jab: Great to see you hitman! Aug 11, 2014 0:08:15 GMT -5
Smithy: OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://blog.scssoft.com/2014/08/meanwhile-across-ocean.html :D LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY TRUCKS :3 once this is out i'm moving to ATS :D Aug 13, 2014 21:57:51 GMT -5
Ryder!: OMGGGGG Aug 14, 2014 15:07:38 GMT -5
Ryder!: HELL YEH TRUE THAT CANT WAIT i think it might not have to be modded plus they got the new trucks in it Aug 14, 2014 15:08:31 GMT -5
Ryder!: that game soo sexy stop teasing me i need to know a release date! Aug 14, 2014 15:09:42 GMT -5
Ryder!: its already together with trailers that have skirts the only thing i say is it will only need skins to me Aug 14, 2014 15:10:32 GMT -5
hermanjonathan: those trucks look really nice Aug 14, 2014 18:49:43 GMT -5
Smithy: ive heard 22nd of August.. for ATS not sure if true or not but August 2014 from the publishers website :) Aug 15, 2014 7:32:10 GMT -5
Ryder!: Oh hell yeh making sure I'm first in line woo Aug 15, 2014 13:32:18 GMT -5
Hitman822: Supppp! Aug 15, 2014 15:59:12 GMT -5
Smithy: Sup :) Aug 15, 2014 23:28:31 GMT -5
Ryder!: what is going on with proboards can't seem to log in anywhere else Aug 17, 2014 14:53:27 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch Aug 18, 2014 4:27:18 GMT -5
Aero: Sup!!!! Aug 18, 2014 21:22:54 GMT -5
haulindog: Hi , Guys....i*m the ol HaulinDog from the other side of the Atlantic......ol Germany.......and will be with u , as an O/O..i hope ATS is commin soon..... Aug 19, 2014 13:09:55 GMT -5