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Happy Halloween Butler Family
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch Oct 22, 2014 20:40:54 GMT -5
-Tink-: stand by 003 Oct 22, 2014 21:09:56 GMT -5
-Tink-: 003 10-16 safe travels driver Oct 22, 2014 21:13:38 GMT -5
christy: According to the member list we have 16 members each one corresponding to a driver on the driver ID #s So I think that forum info is wrong Oct 22, 2014 21:33:03 GMT -5
-Tink-: ya thats a big 10-4 the christy been tryin to figure out how to fix that Oct 22, 2014 22:08:17 GMT -5
gowster: Hey guys I won't be on for a while gotta talk to the law grounded for a while got a nbroken nose loving life Oct 22, 2014 22:31:39 GMT -5
-Tink-: howdy jab Oct 22, 2014 22:52:36 GMT -5
Smithy: tink why u no on steam :O Oct 22, 2014 23:02:46 GMT -5
-Tink-: why aint you on the cb Oct 22, 2014 23:57:25 GMT -5
Danny: Lol. Hey Tink that friggin E / W River map is damn huge man. I need to find a generalized huge harvester that will harvest all fruits from wheat to sunflowers / soy beans everything man. I need an all in one. Oct 23, 2014 10:06:01 GMT -5
Danny: I have the Cat Lexion and the JD with the rape attachment for the front but no corn header for it. I also have the huge Case Combine Pack 9930 V2 I think it is but I need just one damn harvester to do it all so I can buy 4 or 5 of them and put them to work Oct 23, 2014 10:08:21 GMT -5
Danny: Then imma gonna plant me some seedlings and start harvesting some trees lol Oct 23, 2014 10:08:56 GMT -5
-Tink-: lol... give me a bit and ill get you some links Oct 23, 2014 12:14:55 GMT -5
-Tink-: 004 requesting dispatch Oct 23, 2014 13:47:02 GMT -5
Hitman822: 004 check you comm for approved load for haul.... Oct 23, 2014 15:25:08 GMT -5
-Tink-: thx jay Oct 23, 2014 15:30:38 GMT -5
-Tink-: so these logs am i takin em to your house lol Oct 23, 2014 15:31:47 GMT -5
Danny: Mine or Jay's ? He needs them more than I do. I got boo koos of damn logs here lol Oct 23, 2014 16:17:13 GMT -5
Danny: Yeah see what bothers me about these maps is some of them have new fruits added and shit and you can only use machinery built to harvest that specific type of fruit. Oct 23, 2014 16:18:44 GMT -5
Danny: Unless you want to just take the krone and cut it up and use it for feed or something. Oct 23, 2014 16:19:25 GMT -5