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Howdy Butler Family... Lets get some miles under our tires this year
keith1: Smithy good day sir. HillBillyBob is on his way to NewYork. But looking at the dispatch sheet. I am not seeing any loads what so ever that are coming out of or going into Newyork. and i don.t want to get him stuck with out a load. Can i or maybe you up dat Mar 10, 2015 22:16:48 GMT -5
keith1: how can i go abaout geting him a load out of newyork Mar 10, 2015 22:17:38 GMT -5
Smithy: Messaging you about this Mar 10, 2015 22:30:18 GMT -5
keith1: Smithy thanks for taking the time to help me tonight Mar 11, 2015 0:42:49 GMT -5
keith1: HillBillyBob. Your load is ready for you to pickup. Flatdeck no:107 Safetrip Buddy Mar 12, 2015 14:05:52 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch and I just completed my service log sorry I was late Mar 15, 2015 13:38:09 GMT -5
keith1: pri001, Your 2 Trailer loads are ready for pickup. Safe trip home Mar 15, 2015 16:13:11 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch again Mar 15, 2015 18:32:58 GMT -5
keith1: pri001, Koch Logistics called and they are ready for you to pickup the Trailer at the loading dock. Safe trip Mar 15, 2015 19:16:29 GMT -5
keith1: pri001 you are good to go for 2 more loads Mar 15, 2015 19:44:28 GMT -5
geoharb26: Keith Standing by waiting for a backhaul to Edinburgh Mar 15, 2015 23:30:56 GMT -5 *
keith1: Keith Standing by waiting for a backhaul to Edinburgh. Please disregard the message up above my request. Just showing George how to request a load. BUT I AM REQUESTING A LOAD. Mar 16, 2015 0:41:02 GMT -5 *
christy: Safe St. Paddy's day everyone :3 Mar 17, 2015 18:03:57 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch Mar 23, 2015 15:08:14 GMT -5
Aero: Hey Everybody Mar 25, 2015 20:14:58 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch Mar 27, 2015 13:52:18 GMT -5
keith1: pri001 Your 2 loads are ready. Safe Trip Mar 28, 2015 14:38:48 GMT -5
pri001: 003 requesting dispatch Apr 9, 2015 8:40:01 GMT -5
-Tink-: hey yall... been a while since i been on been dealin with a lot and wait till tyall see the pics from monday Apr 15, 2015 15:24:20 GMT -5
-Tink-: 003 your good to roll... make sure you do your walk arounds Apr 15, 2015 15:35:53 GMT -5